Sentro Power Adapter

The Sentro™ power adapter I have created a power adapter for the Sentro™. The Addi adapters do not fit the Sentro™. I love charity knitting and when I heard the Sentro™ made hats a little larger than the Addi I was so excited to buy one and try it. Like the Addi I don’t like cranking around so many times to make a hat. I just don’t have the strength in my shoulders or arms anymore. So I thought why not create an adapter for it. I wasn’t too sure since the cost of this was so much cheaper than the Addi, but to be honest, I think the adapter worked much better. So I am now ready to release it to the public. I package and ship all the adapters for priority mail so you can get it as soon as possible. Just a few sale terms, first all sales are final. If you have a question please contact me. I make these on demand so no buyer’s remorse please. Because this knitting machine is not intended to be powered by a drill you will be using it at your own risk and by making this purchase you agree to these terms. I have just started a Facebook group for the adapters both the Addi and the Sentro You will need a ** 3/8 hex shank to attach to your screw gun (I use a Ryobi 4v with rechargeable battery and a spare so I don’t have to stop knitting)
  • Model: Sentro | White